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What material do you use for your truck bodies?

We only use genuine Hardox 450 wear plate in our tip bodies. Including floor, sides, head board and tailgate. If it's not genuine Hardox, it won't last the distance or demands of the Australian conditions.

What side body can I fit on my truck?

We will measure up any truck and provide a free quote on a body that is suited to your needs.

How long does it take to build, fit and paint a body for my truck?

We can usually deliver a truck back to a customer within three weeks for a complete build, fit and paint process.

What paint do you use on your truck bodies?

We only paint our bodies in 2-pac paint. We also sandblast all our bodies to ensure that preparation on the Hardox material is perfect as the Hardox cannot be properly sanded back because of its abrasive resistant properties. This ensures there is not rust bleeding back through the paintwork in time to come.

My truck is currently a prime mover/concrete agitator/tray truck etc. Can this be converted easily?

Yes, this can easily be converted. We regularly strip trucks down from their current use and fit bodies to them.

My truck is quite short, can it be extended to fit a larger body?

Yes. We regularly stretch truck chassis.

I need my truck set up to tow a dog/tag trailer etc. Do you have an engineered tow hitch?

We have a fully engineered All Plant design tow hitch that are custom built to each truck and towing application.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact us.